2016 IPPE

International Production & Processing Expo Recap


Last month, Warren Manufacturing attended the 2016 IPPE in Atlanta, Georgia. The International Production and Processing Expo had a record year for exhibitors and attendees. Over 30,000 visitors made their way to the World Congress Center between January 26th – 28th to take part in the largest poultry expo in the industry. Warren was one of over 1,250 exhibitors at this year’s event and had one of our best trade shows ever!

This year, we had a 38′, 8 bin low center of gravity (LCG) feed trailer as well as a 16′, truck mounted litter spreader in our booth. One of our excellent customers, Aviagen, allowed us to use their recently purchased trailer for the expo. We are greatly appreciative of our continued relationship with Aviagen and for them allowing us to use their trailer in the IPPE this year. Our LS-3420-16 is still available for purchase. It is currently located in Atlanta, GA, but will soon be in Birmingham, AL. The new Warren litter spreader is mounted on a 2006 Sterling with 224,000 miles, and a CAT C7 engine.

IMG_45542016 IPPE LCG Trailer2016 IPPE

Warren Manufacturing took a larger team than ever to help support this busy event and greatly appreciates everyone’s hard work! We had the pleasure to meet industry contacts from all around the world, as well as visit with many of our fantastic customers. We look forward to the 2017 IPPE as it will be even bigger than this year. The IPPE has decided to move to Hall B and Hall C next year, which will expand the number of exhibitors that will be able to attend.

To get a quote for your next bulk feed trailer or feed body, call one of our dedicated sales managers at 800-221-3106! For more information regarding the truck mounted litter spreader, call 800-900-2545 and visit our sister website at www.spreaders.com.

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Low Center of Gravity Bulk Feed Trailer

Warren’s Newest Feed Trailer Design

Warren is dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of technology in our industry. We have designed a new low center of gravity bulk feed trailer to ensure the safety of our dedicated customers. The new Warren low center of gravity bulk feed trailer product line features a drastically lowered center-of-gravity, 102” wide axles and a roll stability system as standard equipment.


The LCG trailer is drastically lower than our standard bulk feed trailers. It is available with our 10”, 12”, and 15” vertical auger systems, so discharge speeds can suit customer needs.

An added benefit of the Warren design is commonality of parts with our standard feed trailers. We utilize the same augers, motors, valves and most other components to which you have grown accustomed to.

Why Warren?

Warren has been the preferred bulk feed trailer manufacturer for over 30 years. We are a brand that you know you can trust and pride ourselves on our equipment’s longevity and dependability. When you choose Warren, you are not only choosing a superior quality product, but you also are ensuring fantastic customer service.

Ready for More Information?

We are ready to help you spec your next low center of gravity bulk feed trailer today! Please contact one of our  dedicated sales professionals at 1-800-221-3106, or email sales@feedtrucks.com for additional information.

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