MegaFlow Valves

Warren’s MegaFlow PRO valve is a fully functioning, electric wireless remote controlled valve. It is fully integrated into one compact package. The MegaFlow PRO is PROgrammable, PROfessional and PROportional. Your valve can be programmed to suit your individual needs. This valve produces smooth, nice, eloquent movement of your auger system. The PROportional function of the valve allows for your auger movement to start slowly and increase speed over a few seconds.

The MegaFlow PRO valve is capable of handling up to 49 gallons of oil per minute as compared to the conventional 20 gallon valves. Some features include reversible augers, pressure gauges, wireless remote controls, manual override and a pressure sensing system shut down to protect augers, motors, bushings, etc. Every MegaFlow valve comes installed with high pressure filters to protect your investment.