This 12′ Feed Body is for one of our customers overseas.  They needed a small feed body that they would keep permanently on the farm.  They sent the truck to us and we installed it right at our facilities.  We were able to build the unit in under a week and it is now awaiting transport to the port.


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We recommend to all our clients that they keep several spare parts in stock just in case.  No one wants to lose time waiting on a part to come in.  Ask us for a recommend list of spare parts to keep in stock at your facility.

All of the spare parts that you would need for your feed trailer, we have in stock.  We have everything from small parts like motors to big parts like augers in stock and ready to ship.  We send spare parts all over the world.  Contact David Somerall ( with questions about parts.

Parker Motor

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Used Feed Trailers UPDATE:

We have sold all but one of our used feed trailers. Please let us know if you are interested in any of our new products by calling us at 800-221-3106! 

When our customers our ready for a new feed trailer, they can sell us their old ones through our buyback program.  The used feed trailers return to the yard in various states but almost always are still in working condition.  We offer our used trailers “as is” or completely refurbished.  Contact us for more details if you would like to consider one of our used feed trailers.

Tolvas Usadas used feed trailers Tolvas Usadas/ used feed trailers

When our used feed trailer inventory is low, we are always happy to quote new feed trailers for you. If you would like to find out more information about our new products, please call us at 800-221-3106.


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[image source_type=”attachment_id” align=”center” source_value=”735″ lightbox=”true” group=”Feb-14″ title=”Bulk Feed Equipment of the Month”]

Warren Manufacturing’s Bulk Feed Equipment of the month includes both a feed truck & feed trailer. Warren Auger Bins NZ has done a terrific job on this equipment. This Warren feed body is mounted on a DAF CF series truck which also pulls an additional Warren bulk feed trailer. With a total of 9 axles this rig can run on public roads at a gross loaded weight of 50 tons in New Zealand.

[image source_type=”attachment_id” align=”center” source_value=”736″ lightbox=”true” group=”Feb-14″ title=”Warren Bulk Feed Body and Trailer”]
[image source_type=”attachment_id” align=”center” source_value=”733″ lightbox=”true” group=”Feb-14″ title=”Warren Auger Bin New Zealand”]

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Warren Manufacturing recently refurbished a 1988 Warren bulk feed body for the North Carolina State University Feed Mill.  The 25 year old Warren bulk feed body itself was still in great shape, but the auger and hydraulic systems needed updating to enable the feed science students to utilize the latest technologies available to them.  The auger system was totally replaced and new Warren Megaflow PRO wireless remote hydraulic controls were added along with pneumatically operated top doors and a catwalk handrail system.  We even obliged their request to paint the new auger system Wolfpack red!

[image source_type=”attachment_id” align=”center” source_value=”379″ lightbox=”true” group=”NC_State” title=”Before Picture of NC State Warren Feed Body”]
[image source_type=”attachment_id” align=”center” source_value=”373″ lightbox=”true” group=”NC_State” title=”Refurbished Warren Feed Body for NC State”]

Shawn Bradshaw is the feed mill manager at NC State and had this to say about the body when he returned from the Warren factory, “The truck works great. The students and staff were blown away when I pulled up (when I got back). We even used it in one of the feed lab classes.”  Shawn has built a Facebook page showing the “before” and “after”  photos of the body (NC State Feed Mill Facebook Page).  Warren would like to thank FMC Technologies, Force America, and Parker/Chelsea for their generous donations toward this worthy project.

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